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Arvensis partners with LearningCog for psychometric testing for extended capability


Arvensis Partners is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with LearningCog, a leading training and development consultancy, who specialise in the development & delivery of strategic training programs for medium to large enterprises.

The partnership will focus on the expansion of Arvensis’ in-house capabilities for search & selection or recruitment of Sustainability professionals in the travel, transportation and tourism industry.

As such, LearningCog will provide Arvensis’ clients with the ability to generate strategic insights into their potential candidates by utilising the Insights Discovery tool. 

Insights Discovery is an in-depth psychometric testing tool , built to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace hence allowing insightful decision making during the hiring process.

The partnership will add additional capability to the Arvensis’ team for both clients & candidates benefits providing unbiased insight.

‘I am very excited about the partnership with LearningCog as it adds great value for our customers and candidates by allowing us to ensure we find candidates who fulfil the long-term criteria for success in their role. It does so in an extremely cost-effective way in comparison to other tools. The combination of the capability and price point made us choose LearningCog as a partner for this strategic move forward.’ says Julia Reichel, the founder of Arvensis Partners.

‘We choose Discovery Insights for testing and assessment as it allows us to understand the preferences and skills of not just one individual but to contextualise this within an organisation and an existing team. Using Discovery Insights allows our customers to understand in detail the culture of an environment and how an individual can adapt what skills are required when aiming to expand or replace a strategic role; This directly supports Arvensis Partners’ client’s strategic objectives when expanding or replacing positions in their leadership & sustainability teams”, adds Ric Hayden, Founder and Director of LearningCog.


Arvensis Partners is the only recruitment and talent search business globally specialising in roles in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Environment for travel, transportation and tourism businesses. We partner with you to deliver strategic talent searches to ensure that you drive sustainability in travel with the right leadership talent. 


LearningCog are an independent leadership, management, sales training and development consultancy. We work with you by integrating into your business, identifying and developing bespoke best practice solutions, using a pragmatic and logical methodology. LearningCog successfully enables your business to deliver, coach, drive and sustain individual, team and company elite performance resulting in outstanding business results and extraordinary growth.

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