Let us identify the untapped, total global talent pool you need for your business’s success

Sustainability is becoming driving issue in all businesses and the need for high-performing technical experts and executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous and research-driven approach allowing the assessment of potential talent’s ability to be successful in the specific roles they get identified for.

We bring thorough understanding of the core sustainability industries such a battery, battery recycling, mining and energy. We also leverage in-depth understanding of the emerging technology and processes allowing us to understand the technical functional roles from the outset.

We combine this deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven search process to help you find the technical talent and leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

How we go about it:

  • We identify the relevant donor companies and talent pools based on your briefing.
  • We identify the key professionals with the requisite skills.
  • We provide this data to your own talent acquisition teams to engage with prospective candidates or continue witht full search to complete the placement. This includes all interviewing, assessment and scheduling to ensure the placement is completed efficiently.
  • We offer guarantess throughout the engagement to reduce risk to you.