Search Methodology

Arvensis Partners provides executive search and organisation design services to organisations who are searching for talent in the sustainability profession.

With our executive search services, we provide our clients with an assured recruitment outcome. Our focus is to work in a methodical way to bring clarity to our clients recruitment needs removing ambiguity,  risk and uncertainty from the hiring process. Our recruitment methodology is comprised of three discrete phases: the discovery phase, the search & selection phase and the placement phase.


Discovery phase:

In the discovery phase, we work to understand the cultural and business requirements of the position that our clients are seeking to fill. We carry out detailed intakes to understand the business drivers and cultural fit required for successful placemtent. This is an essential step in helping us provide candidates with insights into the company and source the right talent. It also helps us to provide honest market feedback during the search process. We work closely with hiring managers and HR teams to understant the critical attributes of the role to be filled.

Our focus is to de-risk the search and provide confidence of all stakeholder before the search is formally launched.


Search and selection phase:

Each of our discreet searches are invariably conducted in tight markets where the talent pool is small, highly passive and tightly bound to their current employer.

We work with our clients to research and to map donor companies in which the desired talent is working. A long list of candidates may include up to 30 to 60 prospects. Building such a list typically requires networking with up to 200 professionals to network. This is highly labour intensive and our work focuses on identifying the individuals who engage with search process.

The best matched prospects are interviewed by our consultants. This will create a shortlist of best matches based on requirements for skills, experience, availability, affordability and cultural alignment. This shortlist typically comprises of four to six candidates, all of whom are motivated and engaged in the opportunity. We recommend that the client then conducts their own interview on the shortlist until a final selection is made.

Arvensis Partners provides psychometric analysis on the final two candidates and the best candidate is selected for offer by the client.


Placement phase:

We work with our clients to help them develop the best compensation package to offer the candidate and negotiate the offer through to acceptance. Reference checks are conducted where possible. We will work with the candidate through their resignation and subsequent on-boarding transition into their new position.

We work to ensure our clients and candidates long term success.

We believe that our transparent, proven process makes Arvensis Partners the ‘go-to-partner’ for both clients and candidates. Our goal is to create long term, sustainable partnerships by providing an honest, effective search process.