Renewed Partnership to increase reach of Battery Employer Research


Arvensis Partners and Battery Associates are again partnering on a research project designed to support battery employers.

In February 2022, the partnership will launch the ‘Battery Employer Survey’. The data collected will form the basis of the industry’s first and highly anticipated Battery Employer Report.


The report will be published in spring 2022 and will provide business leaders and HR leaders with crucial insights into major trends related to talent in this sector. It will help the battery industry and all its stakeholders with the relevant insight and foresight to overcome the skills shortage that is emerging.

The research has been designed to uncover the common challenges and opportunities related to talent. It will also uncover best-practice solutions from industry leaders.

The partnership will therefore conduct qualitative and quantitative research over the coming months to collect this data.  For this, the Arvensis Partners and Battery Associates will be inviting relevant stakeholders from the industry to participate.

About Arvensis Partners:

Arvensis is a purpose-led recruitment and search firm supporting clients with talent searches in core sustainability markets such as the battery, battery recycling, mining, and energy.



About Battery Associates:

Battery Associates (B.A) is an impact-driven company working towards sustainable battery innovation. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve battery challenges and offer cutting edge solutions for the battery sector worldwide, through a range of education, innovation, and consultancy-based services. Our work helps train a diverse battery workforce, bring about affordable and open-source battery solutions, and increase transparency in the battery supply chain. Join us!