Arvensis is a purpose-led advisory firm supporting clients with talent searches in core sustainability markets such as mining, battery & battery recycling, energy and travel

When the search is on for niche specialists and leaders, the process of identifying and engaging the silent talent necessary for a business to succeed is what Arvensis through providing unique sourcing solutions. We are sustainability recruitment firm with a difference. Arvensis source the best talent for clients driving towards carbon neutrality and circular economy. Executive search is a science and an art, requiring a pragmatic, programmatic, and scientific approach. Our work is led by solid research methodologies and partnership ethos. Partnering with clients with a strong sustainability focus and providing a flexible service portfolio allows us to do the best for every client and candidate.

‘We struck gold having found Arvensis. We have traditionally struggled to find the right blend of technical and leadership talent for this division. Now we know we have a talent partner who has the right capability and ethos.’

Client testimonial, VP Battery Materials Division, Global Corporation

I would never have considered looking on this employers website or applying. I am glad Arvensis called me. I have my next career step secured.

Senior leadership candidate, mineral refining specialist

The right People in the right Environment

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