Our Ethos


Travel brands such as airlines, hotels, cruise, and rail operators are facing a new era where the social license to operate will be influenced by their ability to showcase, commit to, and execute a solid sustainability strategy.

The premise of Arvensis Partners is that there is a demand for thought leadership from outside the industry to ensure travel brands regain their social licenses during COVID recovery. They need to do so fast.



Arvensis Partners believes that a Sustainability strategy and commitment to execute ahead of targets will become a core decision making criteria for customers when choosing the airlines they travel with and brands they engage with.

Sustainability will be added to the other ‘S’ of selection: Safety, Security, and Service – and Sustainability.

Arvensis Partners is uniquely positioned to serve this market well and at competitive search cost; our founders, one a seasoned airline professional and one a well known, highly successful executive search professional from the oil & renewables market, come with passion, experience, customer focus, and a highly relevant network.

This combination brings a unique level of insight and ability to execute, allowing our customers to benefit from the speed, agility, and well-formed advisory surrounding the search.

Above all our ethos focuses on sustainability, credibility, and discretion.

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