Latest Arvensis BatteryMBA scholarship announced


During the Battery Talent Survey 2022, Arvensis and Battery Associates offered a prize draw for a free BatteryMBA place for respondents. As in previous years, the place was co-sponsored by Arvensis Partners and Battery Associates and open to anyone who took part in the survey.

The scholarship was announced at last week’s Battery Talent Conference 2022, where over 100 business and HR leaders met to discuss the issue of talent shortage in the sector and learn the key sentiments discovered during the survey.

The scholar, Sweety Khatri, from Cornell University, says:  “I am currently pursuing my master’s in Chemical Engineering. My thesis research focuses on mitigating polysulfide shuttle effect in lithium-sulfur batteries by modifying separators through coating a layer of reduced graphene oxide and conducting polymer.”



Congratulations Khatri and best of luck with the program.


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