It’s a wrap – Battery Talent Insights Day 2021

Arvensis Partners hosted the Battery Talent Insights Day 2021 last week. It was the first conference of its kind, presenting unique insights into the candidate sentiments related to recruitment within the battery sector.

Data-driven decision making for hiring managers and HR

The conference was based on a unique data set collected by Arvensis Partners in partnership with Battery Associates in its initial research project dedicated to understanding how candidates behave in relation to their employment, their career planning, and crucially, what attracts them in employers moving them from passive to active in relation to job search.

The Key Trends for Battery Recruitment

The data collected by contacting over 2500 battery professionals revealed 3 key trends which drive candidates’ decision making:

  • Salary and benefits, equality
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Employer branding / purpose.


Speakers discussions

Panelists from Faradion, Tesla, BASF, Samsung, and Battery Associates were joined by coaches such as Miriam Luke from GFB, Ruth Harrison from Thoughtworks and Hilary Gee to discuss how to overcome the challenges in the three key areas.


Missed the Conference? No problem!

The sessions will be released in video format over the coming weeks. Follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know when the session is available.


Get the Report

In the meantime, the Battery Talent Report 2021 is available to request here.



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