Arvensis partners with Battery Associates

Arvensis Partners is delighted to announce a partnership with Battery Associates to complete a global candidate survey that aims for a more transparent employment ecosystem in the battery sector.


Battery Associates is an impact-led company on a mission to accelerate sustainable battery innovation. Their services in education, innovation, and technology development help meet the sector’s challenges and notably help train the next generation of battery leaders, advanced battery education, innovative project development, and knowledge sharing.

The partnership on this global survey will increase value to clients in the battery, battery recycling, mining and energy sector by providing unique, research-based insights into the candidate landscape, community events and training. This week, the partnership will launch the first industry-wide candidate survey this week with the view to create a fairer, transparent, and diverse better employment ecosystem for battery employers and professionals.

“Increase transparency in the battery employment and training ecosystem”

“Looking at how rapidly the battery space is evolving, the launch of this global survey marks an important step to increase transparency in the sector’s employment and training ecosystem and may bring about positive steps to increase diversity and inclusion. We are excited to partner with Arvensis around this survey and look forward to sharing its insights.” Amandine Bressand, Chief of Staff at Battery Associates.


Assessing the employment landscape and provide the battery hiring managers with unique data and insights’

“We are very excited to partner with Battery Associates to increase our position in the battery sector. The vision of our two organisations to drive sustainable change led by the battery sector provides a unique connector. Simon and his team are as passionate about sustainable change as we are and we are delighted to leverage each other’s capabilities.” says Julia Reichel, founder of Arvensis Partners.

‘Our candidate survey is a unique opportunity to assess the employment landscape in the battery market and by partnering with Battery Associates we increase our reach and therefore the quality of data produced. This, in turn, will serve all market constituents to make better planning, hiring and career decisions with unique data and insights.’


About Arvensis Partners:

Arvensis is a purpose-led advisory firm supporting clients with talent searches in core sustainability markets such as mining, battery & battery recycling, energy and travel.

Arvensis partners with clients when the search is on for niche technical specialists and leaders. When clients need a specialist search partner to identify, reach & engage the silent talent that they can not reach otherwise, Arvensis provides a reliable, proven and cost-effective talent sourcing solution.

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About Battery Associates:

Battery Associates (B.A) is an impact-driven company working towards sustainable battery innovation. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve battery challenges and offer cutting edge solutions for the battery sector worldwide, through a range of education, innovation, and consultancy-based services. Our work helps train a diverse battery workforce, bring about affordable and open-source battery solutions, and increase transparency in the battery supply chain. Join us!