Arvensis is proud sponsor of The Battery Day 2021

Arvensis Partners proudly announces the sponsorship of the Battery Day 2021 run by Battery Associates.

The event takes place on Thursday, 23rd September 2021 and features four panel discussions and a set of deep dives on topics relevant to battery sector, including talent shortage, sustainability, technology and policy developments, battery analytics, and more.

The event gathers experts in the battery sector from around the world and ensures two dedicated hours of networking sessions, including VIP networking areas, to help connect battery enthusiasts and experts worldwide.

Data exploring the talent shortage in the battery sector

Arvensis will be presenting the preliminary results of the 2021 Battery Talent Survey, exposing the key trends in candidate sentiment helping employers address the emerging talent shortage in this sector.


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About Arvensis:

Arvensis is a purpose-led recruitment and executive search firm supporting clients with talent searches in core sustainability markets such as mining, battery & battery recycling, energy and travel. When the search is on for niche specialists and leaders – identifying, reaching & engaging the silent talent necessary for business to succeed – Arvensis provide a reliable sourcing solution.

Arvensis is a sustainability recruitment firm with a difference and sources the best talent for clients driving towards carbon neutrality and circular economy. Executive search is a science and an art, requiring a pragmatic, programmatic, and scientific approach led by solid research methodologies and partnership ethos.

Partnering with clients with a strong sustainability focus and providing a flexible service portfolio allows us to do the best for every client and candidate.

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About Battery Associates:

Battery Associates (B.A) is an impact-driven company working towards sustainable battery innovation. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve battery challenges and offer cutting edge solutions for the battery sector worldwide, through a range of education, innovation, and consultancy-based services. Our work helps train a diverse battery workforce, bring about affordable and open-source battery solutions, and increase transparency in the battery supply chain. Join us!